Information about Blue Quail:

Scaled Quail commonly referred to as blue quail refer to its scale-like appearance of the breast feathers and dark brown belly feathers. Blue Quail are generally bluish gray-brown in color with a white crest and a scale -like feather pattern on their breast. Males and females are easily identified by the males having a cream-colored throat and several brown lines running up the throat and the topknot is slightly larger in the males.  Blue quail have been known to drive pointing dogs crazy with their ability to run great distances. We combat that by having ample cover or vegetation to hold the birds. Also we break the covies and then hunt singles with the pointing dogs.

Information about the ranch:
The ranch is located about 5 miles west of Balmorea,Texas. The terrain is typical West Texas desert country. The ranch has a good balance of Mountains, hills big open flats and draws. The ranch is 180 square miles and cannot be over hunted due to the enormous size. The lodging is not fancy but comfortable. There are many different species on the ranch Desert Mule Deer, Coyotes, Gray Fox, Bobcats, Javelina, Badger and Wild Boar. We also have combo hunts for these species. Please refer to the hunting packages page for more information on these hunts.
    Texas Blue Quail Hunting
Texas Blue Quail Hunting
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